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Dracula's Haunted House

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 May 24th 2013 10:11am

Dracula's Haunted House

Face your darkest fears in this amazing walk through experience, featuring five floors of mind blurring optical illusions, horror displays, and special FX.

Dracula’s Haunted House promises spine-tingling fun and a host of horrors at every turn. There is a chilling theme on every level. Be terrified at the animated sculptures, endless haunted passages, museum of weird collectibles, dare doors, leaping monsters, and other spectacular thrills.

Guests of the Haunted House will be greeted by the Mayor of the Gold Coast Underworld, before encountering Zombie Meter Maids, the shark savaged Surf Lifesaver, a massive Funnel Web Spider, and the terror of a White Pointer Shark attack.

See the Carnival of Freaks Museum and go through a frightful collection of horror memorabilia. Dare to enter the Vampyre Lair, Mirror Maze, and Phobia Level. This all out freak fest is guaranteed to give you nightmares.

The horror does not stop there. At the shop, you will find horror paraphernalia dating back to your scariest childhood nightmares.

Bring your family to the Haunted House and scream your heart out. Dacula’s Haunted House is just a few minutes away from our Mermaid Beach Apartments.

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