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History Time with Surf World Gold Coast

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 Oct 28th 2015 12:12am

Surf World Gold Coast V1

History enables us not to repeat the past mistakes of our former leaders, countrymen, and even ancestors. That’s why studying history is important to every person.

Then there are times when studying history is a must for us to appreciate and admire what the people from the past did that made great impact on us today. Truly, knowing history is enriching to everyone.

If you’re going to the Gold Coast mainly for the best surfing beaches, you might as well visit Surf World Gold Coast, where you’ll be equipped with more knowledge in the history of your favourite water sport.

Situated at Golden Four Drive, Tugun, Surf World Gold Coast is a unique museum which will let you travel to the amazing history of surfing. In this place, there are exhibits of surfboards from its early days up to this age and time, as well as surfing collectibles like film posters, historical photos, album covers, and tons of artworks.

Surf World Gold Coast has both the temporary and permanent exhibitions, and although you may not be able to catch all the temporary ones, the permanents are already more than enough to make you satisfied on this museum. The permanent exhibitions here are:

1.    150 Surfboards – The 150 surfboards represent different periods in surfing history, so you’ll get to follow its changes and improvements from its day one. Through this, you’ll get to know that once, there were a lot of experimental designs such as the motorised surfboards.
2.    Iconic Surf Images – With photographs all over this section, you’ll marvel at some of the most prominent people of surfing like Martin Tullemans, John Witzig, and Peter Joli.
3.    Rare Memorabilia – Discover more about surfing’s history through the wide collections of film posters, trophies, clothing, as well as the various equipment used in taking photos of this water sport.
4.    Legends of Surfing – The museum aligns with new technology as it uses iPad. Check out the inspiring lives of 15 Australian surfing legends through the museum’s app.

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Image Source : Surf World Gold Coast

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