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Mermaid Beach Barbecue Goodness at Montana Palms

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 Dec 12th 2015 4:58pm

Montana Palms Holiday Apartments 25

Picture smoky flavoured salmon with potatoes fresh off the grill, or melted cheese burger. Indulge in a moutwatering barbecue afternoon with your family and friends, Mermaid Beach style! However, it takes plenty of experience to be grilling like a pro. So, we’ve listed down some reminders to help you achieving a new level of barbecuing skill:

1. Gather your Meats and Carbs. Be a smart customer and always be on the lookout for fresh, premium meats and fish. Consider adding some couscous, potatoes and corn. These carbs taste absolutely perfect when grilled.

2. Marinate. Don’t let your meats taste bland. Leave your meats marinated for hours, or even better, overnight, and have some extra marinade so you can brush it onto the meat while grilling.

3. Have a charcoal burner with a lid to bring out the smoky flavour you desire. Having lid is also crucial because it helps keep the temperature constan and lock all that rich, smoky flavour in.

4. Focus and be patient. Barbecuing is no joke. Follow the procedures diligently, and you’ll never go wrong. Everything about it requires timing. An important reminder especially when it comes to setting the coals on fire is to wait for them to glow and turn gray before grilling.

5. Bring your trusty pair of tongs. Avoid crying over spilled meat by getting a pair of tongs that give you the most control.

There you go. These are just some really simple reminders to get you celebrating over a successful BBQ time with your buddies.

You can take your holiday afternoons a step further with an invigorating dip in our 16-metre swimming pool while appreciating the relaxing view of our tropical gardens. Find the relaxation you need and deserve with our Mermaid Beach Accommodation at Montana Palms.

We are conveniently located along Montana Road, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, where you can take full advantage of our spacious yet affordable units. The establishment is complimented with a secure underground car parking, spa, and  barbecue and entertainment area.

Visit today! It’s fast and easy.

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