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Sea World

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 Jan 24th 2013 9:23am

Sea World

Explore the underwater world and meet the most fascinating creatures of the deep. Learn about the wonderful ocean life that exists beneath the surface. With a number of marine attractions and animal encounters to choose from, Sea World inspires a love for the ocean and the creatures in it.

Visit Penguin Encounter and marvel at the tall King penguin and the agile Gentoo penguins. This is the only place in Australia where you can see the King, Gentoo, and Fairy penguins all in one location.

Get up close and personal with the most feared and often misunderstood sharks. Shark Bay, a two-level exhibit, gives guests spectacular views above-water as well as underwater. Stand within a few feet from sharks and observe their interesting behavior. Dare to interact with sharks in the touch pool as well as the snorkel and dive lagoon.

You don’t have to go to the Arctic region to get a glimpse of polar bears. See Australia’s only polar bears at Sea World’s Polar Bear Shores. Observe them up close and watch their playful antics.

Interact with majestic Rays in Ray Reef and admire their graceful underwater moves. Meet Sea World’s lovable seals and interact with these furry creatures.

Experience being a trainer for the day and learn how to train and look after dolphins.

Sea World also offers a range of attractions. Enjoy family fun in the Castaway Bay interactive adventure zone, an amazing themed ride and child friendly play area.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Sea World on the Sky High Skyway. Get an overview of the wonderful attractions and marine encounters you can enjoy at Sea World.

Cool off by heading over to Sea World Resort Water Park. Try the huge water slides and water fountains. Lounge around in style at the comfortable poolside cabanas. Kick back, relax and enjoy.

Sea World is just a short drive from our Gold Coast Family Holiday Units. Spend a great day at Sea World.

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